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Cruise by the Diego and Boca Islands, Revel in the view while looking for Dolphins Witness an awesome Sunset  

No two sunsets are ever the same.  Make the next one your own.
Private Sunset Cruise - 4PM-6PM or have Dinner on a yacht -6PM-8PM

This entire area is called Chaguaramas - named by the country's first inhabitants, the Amerindians, for the ring of palm trees which lined the area's scenic bays from even before discovery by Columbus. The Peninsula extends five and a half miles from East to West, and three and a half miles from North to South at its widest point. The area of the peninsula is approximately 12,000 acres (4,858 hectares)

Although it is one of the most beautiful and serene areas in the Caribbean, Chaguaramas has remained under-developed. Situated in northwest Trinidad, with its enticing mix of virgin mountains, secluded coves, and offshore islands, presents a unique opportunity to investors in tourism, leisure, marine-related industries or agriculture. Chaguaramas comprises 3,000 acres of relatively flat lands incorporating five scenic beachfront areas, all ideally suited for restaurants, shops, leisure and recreational facilities. Other coastal areas provide excellent sheltered coves, and with Trinidad and Tobago lying well south of the hurricane belt, these natural deep water inlets are ideally suited for marinas.

down the islands boat tours and private charters

Dock 9A Crews Inn Marina, Chaguaramas, Trinidad and Tobago



Spectrum Charters
If you are looking to go down the islands for a Sightseeing Cruise, or prefer a Stop and Swim Day Trip to Turtle Bay with family and friends, or maybe just a 2 hour Romantic Sunset Cruise, or even an intimate dinner for 2 on on a yacht anchored in bay under the stars. We can arrange this on our private luxury cruiser.

Share a private dinner with a loved one in one of the bays under the stars.

Celebrate anything- we customize to suit your special event.

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 Choose a 3-hour or a4-hour  all-inclusive of food and drinks  Stop and Swim cruise to a bay down the islands.

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